Is It Still Safe To Go Swimming With The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak? We Ask A Doctor

Is It Still Safe To Go Swimming With The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak? We Ask A Doctor

Stay home and risk going crazy or go out and risk the Coronavirus?
A doctor tells us which activities are safer than others.

To say the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted daily life all over is an understatement. With cases mounting by the day, people are staying away from malls, group activities and anywhere they don't have to be at. Fair enough

Kids go to school and come straight home, people go to the office because they have to, and gatherings, parties and any semblance of a good time are cancelled or postponed. We might be in for a long fight, and staying home indefinitely sounds awful. There is only so much Netflix you and the kids can watch, right?

The Beach Company checks in with Dr Dana Elliott Srither, Doctor & Co-founder of (Telemedicine), about which activities you can still go out and do, if you're brave enough.


You'd think swimming might be a bad idea, with germs, viruses and other nasties floating in the water, but Dr Elliott tells us it's actually one of the safer activities to partake in. Coronaviruses spread by droplets, and in a swimming pool, they're completely washed off by the sheer amount of water. We don't know yet if chlorine [can kill off the virus] until they do tests, but yes, the water will negate the effects of the virus, so there’s no harm!

Swimming might actually be one of the safer sporting activities to do right now.

BUT what may be a little less safe, according to the doc, is if you linger around the pool at the chairs and tables and pick up the virus from dry surfaces. So we guess if you go the pool, jump straight in, swim and leave immediately to go home to shower, it should be a pretty safe way to indulge in some outdoor activity and get your Vitamin D.


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