What’s not to love about an afternoon at the pool ?

Pool parties are everyone's favorites and they are always a big hit. Plus, they’re so simple. All you need are a few decorations and cute themed snacks and you’re ready to party.

If you’re on the hunt for easy ideas for your upcoming pool party we have got you covered with 8 Summer Pool Party Ideas.


Sending great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. Be sure to remind everyone to bring a swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen ! Keep your invitations simple including all the details of the party without making it too complicated.

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2.Theme :

Deciding on a theme for your party is a very important factor. A theme party gives a unique personalized feel to your party and even the guests can have some fun dressing according to the theme. You could have a flamingo themed party or if your a big ocean fan a nautical theme is very cool


3.Decor :

Let your party goers know how big of a splash they’re in for. Whether you use beach balls, big floaties or sign boards, here’s how to make your party look picture perfect. According to your theme go for bold & bright colors. Be it flamingo loungers, nautical sign boards or Tropical Hawaiian luau make sure your decor reflects your theme clearly


4.Inflatable loungers 

A pool party is so incomplete without a few too many bright loungers. They provide fun for your guests and also work as a great decor. Just inflate as many loungers possible and throw them in the pool. 

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 5.Fun Activities

There’s more to water play than splashing and swimming laps. Have some fun games and activities for the kids as well as the adults so they don't get bored and make everyone a part of the fun. Getting your guests to click pictures at the photo Booth is cool idea. Have a few games to keep everyone interested in the party



Any party, be it for kids or adults is always incomplete without a cake and so would be your pool party. A unique theme based cake adds a nice highlight to your party

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Send your party people home with fun reminders of what a great day they had. Check out our cute, awesome and quirky party favors that’ll definitely be loved by your guests.

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8.Sun Protection Station :

Your guests are truly going to appreciate this very thoughtful idea by you. Put out all kinds of skin friendly sunscreen that your guests can use at the party. SPF 50 for the face and a spray on one that’s waterproof your good to go for some splish splash.


Hope you have a lot of fun throwing your next pool party with these easy and cool pool party ideas !

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