Diwali Beach Travel: 5 Things To Pack For Your Baby

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Heading to Goa for the Diwali holidays? Wondering what to pack for your baby’s trip? Here’s a full list of space-saving items for babies .... '

1. A pop-up tent

If you can fit it in your luggage – and you’re planning on getting out and about quite a bit while you’re there – a UV pop-up tent is a lifesaver. You can get lightweight ones that fold down to next-to-nothing, and it’ll save you constantly searching for shade.

2. A paddling pool

OK, so it’s hardly an essential travel item, but we bought a really cheap one that could be left behind if necessary, and used it out on our terrace and down by the main pool with the pop-up tent over the top. Great for cooling off, can be used as a makeshift bath, or drained and filled with toys to become a playpen.

3. A swim float

If you’re heading to a poolside resort, you’ll be well catered for in this department. But if you’re staying somewhere that’s less geared up for kids, consider packing a swim float that’s specially designed for small babies who won’t fit in a rubber ring. You’ll get a lot more pool time out of it.

4. Kids sun cream

They’ll need their own, as it’s specially formulated for new skin.

5. Footwear

Essential to keep their feet safe and comfortable from the heat and sand


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