David Fryett, 42, of The Quadrant, Bexleyheath in England, gained his inspiration after seeing a little boy walk past him in flashing trainers.

The Gogglows, which flash for 30 seconds and then turn off, were produced in China and sell online in India for Rs 890, after 12 prototypes were created by the father-of-two.

Mr Fryett, whose teenage daughters swim for Erith swimming club, said: “I was sitting by the pool one day and saw a girl walk past with thick black goggles and then a boy ran past in some flashing trainers and the rest is history. I felt very proud when my kids took them to the pool and everybody was asking where they got them from."

“The other kids couldn’t believe it when they said their dad invented them.”

Mr Fryett, who also works as a carpenter, created the innovative eye-wear in his spare time during the evenings and weekends when he would spend hours on the phone to factories in China which helped him turn his dream into reality.

Two years ago, he was invited to record a podcast with fellow inventor Trevor Baylis, who swam for Great Britain in his youth and produced the clockwork radio.

 “It has taken 12 prototypes and six years and I have been on the verge of tears at times but it has all paid off.”

For more information about the product go to The Beach Company


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