3 tips to stay safe in the pool this summer

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend in and around the water as friends and families visit for holidays and parties. But the fun can quickly turn to tragedy is a matter of seconds as backs are turned or children wander away while adults talk.

Visiting homes & hotels where there is a pool is exciting but can also be very stressful for parents of little ones. To help guide you towards keeping everyone safe in and around the pool, The Beach Company has some tips to ease your mind.

“All that’s needed is a healthy attitude towards swim safety,” says Zoey Pereira, The Beach Company's product manager. “There are just some key things to remember.”

Supervision and teaching children how to swim

One of the major ways to prevent an accident is to teach your children to swim. The biggest danger pools pose is a drowning hazard to very young children, particularly those under five.

“Familiarise your children with water as soon as you can,” says Zoey. “By the age of five, children should at least know how to float and do basic dog paddle to be able to get themselves out if they happen to fall in.” 



Fencing and gates

The easiest way to reduce the chance of a drowning incident is to make sure your fencing is up to standard. And - now is the time to do your checking.

“Children are naturally inquisitive and have a fascination for water. Nothing replaces close supervision by a responsible adult, but having fences and gates around pools goes a long way to reducing the very real danger of children wandering into water they can’t handle,” says Zoey.

Knowing CPR

In case of emergency, knowing CPR can save someone’s life. “I would also recommend that family members be educated in basic first aid and CPR.”


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