Goan Cabbage Salad
“ A quick and easy salad which is served as a side with most Goan meals. ”
Serves 4 : 10 minutes to prepare


1/4 pound Cabbage

1 small tomato

1 green chilie

2 tablespoon vinegar (palm)

1 teaspoon salt

5 Coriander Leaves

1 pinch black pepper


Chop the tomato into fine pieces. The finer the better. Either chop the cabbage finely or grate using a grater. ( if you making large quantity of salad, I suggest grating it is faster)

Goan Cabbage Salad
Goan Cabbage Salad

For the dressing, in a bowl mix a teaspoon of salt, vinegar and green chillies (chopped fine). If vinegar is not available you can substitute with lemon.

Goan Cabbage Salad

Mix the cabbage, tomatoes, coriander leaves , pepper and the dressing.


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