Heart Pumping Coastal Holidays


Should you or your best friend/boyfriend/husband/wife (delete as appropriate) have an unnerving interest in all things boundary-breaking, then listen up. This week we’re looking slightly more unique locales to give us adventure with a Beach twist… The best of both worlds we think you’ll agree!



Rafting & Relaxing on The Mosquito Coast, HONDURAS

Kicking off with an immense trekking and rafting odyssey along Honduras’ undiscovered Mosquito Coast, you’ll be following the Rio Platano River as it flows all the way to the Caribbean Coast which means a bevy of beautiful beaches will be lying in wait. Head to a hidden coastal retreat on Roatán in Honduras’ Bay Islands, clad yourself in bikini, snorkel and mask and take a dip in the brilliant blue. With a Caribbean kaleidoscope of an underwater world, this is an ideal way to wind down after all that paddling.


Papua New Guinea


Back to nature in Papua New Guinea and the untouched Duke Of York Islands

If you head to Papua New Guinea – one of the most culturally diverse corners of the world – to explore the Baining Mountains, carpeted in dense jungle and dotted with elusive tribes, here awaits an adventure that embodies the essence of intrepid exploration. And did we mention the immensely idyllic Duke of York Islands just a boat ride away? Feeling a million miles from home, these are untouched tropical paradises with some of the world’s clearest waters waiting to be paddled in.



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