Simple Summer Beachwear Tips


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Simple Summer Beachwear Tips

It’s almost that time of year again! Shortly the monsoons will be over and you're hitting the beach, you’ve got to look good. This year it’s all about neutral colors that blend, although anyone with a tan always looks good in white. The one piece seems to be making a comeback this year too, whether it has asymmetrical lines or simply looks like one of the Baywatch suits, you’re sure to be able to find a one piece that’s flattering to your body type.

But any woman that frequents the beach knows that the bathing suit is the smallest part of the equation when it comes to beach going. It’s all about the accessories, baby! And this year, seems to be that the brighter they are, the better they are. Sunglasses in candy apple popping red and bright turquoise or sunshine yellow will be making their way to the sand this year, with the umbrellas and hobo bags to match. While flip flops will be a never ending trend for people that frequent the beach everywhere, you may want to change it up with a pair of strappy wedges – they’ll elongate your legs and make you look super sexy.

Bathing suit covers will be coming in many different shapes and sizes again this year too. From collared long sleeves to tube top dresses, you’re sure to be able to find something that not only flatters your body type, but that you’ll be comfortable in while you’re spending hours playing around in the sand by the water. Try and stick to light colors though, dark colors will attract the sun and make you hotter than you need to be.

If you’re going to a beach party at night, you may want to dress it up a bit. This is the time to wear that sexy black bathing suit with the strappy wedges and that sheer black bathing suit cover up with the silver chains that you bought a few years ago but never actually wore because you thought it would look ridiculous. Newsflash – Everything looks not only different, but better at nighttime. Especially anything that’s sheer and black with silver chains. If the party is going to be by the boardwalk, wear a set of sexy black heels for that super “wow” factor. Red lipstick will make you pop out even more.

As far as daily beach makeup? The more natural you look, the better. Besides, makeup is terrible for your skin when you’re sweating. If you absolutely insist on putting some on, make it waterproof so that your face doesn’t melt while you’re out catching those rays or playing around in the water.

Sticking to these simple guidelines is sure to make you the envy of every beach goer out there this season! And remember to have fun – there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman that’s enjoying herself in the sun on the beach. If you feel self conscious, you’ll look self conscious. You bought that bathing suit, now own it!


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