Culinary Treats in Goa This Season I CALAMARI

Culinary Treats in Goa This Season I CALAMARI

Anytime is the right time to visit Goa. Be it the rainy summer, the cooler winter, or even during the Diwali holidays. However, the peak tourist season to visit Goa is between October and January when all your favorite restaurants, shacks & bars are open and offer a great vibe.

All this week, The Beach Company, your favorite beach holiday shopping destination shares information on our best culinary picks in Goa.

Featured Today:
Dando Beach,
Opposite Santana Beach Resort,
Candolim, Goa

Although Calamari has been around over a decade ago, it merits a special mention as it has been consistent and one of a very small picking of quality locations on the exceptionally busy Candolim stretch.

On the shores of Candolim, right on the Dando beach is Calamari which promotes a 'bathe and binge' atmosphere, a total circle for fun, food and fantasy. It is a beach side restaurant which owner Verner started in 2003 serving breakfast, lunch and dinner where one can literally let down ones hair.

The food: Seafood is the main focus where the wide expanse of sea right in front of you can take you into a realm of fantasy as its beckons you within its hypnotic trance. And going by its name…the Butter Garlic Calamari (squid) is the hot favourite. However, one could also feast on crabs and pomfret, which is grilled to perfection. Chicken and Lamb Chops are also a hot favourite.

The decor is simple - a shack like ambience takes you back to the Goa of the 60s. Pick up a favourite novel of your choice and let the sea breeze whip across your brow as you get immersed in the blot. Or just sit on chairs that sink into the sand with your choice of spirit and while away the hours 'sea and sky' gazing.

The fun: 'Care-free' would be the word that would apply to this place - warmth and bonhomie. And to keep in with the Goan touch there is live music three times a week with weekend lunches going on overdrive. 


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