Look your best at your next pool party

  1. Summer is the time for pool parties! Now, how do you look good for a pool party? Follow these steps from The Beach Company to be a bathing beauty in no time!
  2. 1
    Carry a cute beach bag,stripes or polka-dots are best.
  3. 2
    Put on a bikini or swimsuit that looks good on you(There's no shame in wearing either type!)
  4. 3
    Have a funky beach towel to lie on and make it quite big,as other people might want to chat and sit on your towel!
  5. 4
    Cover up with summery layers. Try a cute skirt/wrap or short shorts over your swimsuit.You could also try a little bolero or string top over your swimsuit.
  6. 5
    Put on some waterproof mascara if you want.
  7. 6
    Make sure you shave before you go!
  8. 7
    Get summery beach hair by encouraging natural waves. Take a shower, put in some hair gel or hair spray, and scrunch your hair.You can also get curl cream.
  9. 8
    Accessorize! Try to avoid loose jewelry, though. You don't want it to fall off...Try some glittery hair clips, earrings (studs! You don't want them getting caught on anything), and any other jewelry that you don't mind getting wet.Big bracelets are cool(but they could fall off!)
  10. 9
    Have a hot pair of shades! Always get big,chunky ones.
  11. 10
    Don't forget your sunscreen! Try a spray on; they go on easier AND give your skin a nice shimmer/shine!Sometimes a scented sunscreen like coconut can be fun,and will be pleasant relief from the regular smell.
  12. 11
    Wear a cute pair of flip-flops.
  13. 12
    Make sure everything (Swimsuit,Sunglasses,Towel,Beach Bag, Nail Polish, Jewelry, and Flip-Flops are all in BRIGHT, summery, and funky colors. You'll be a total beach babe!
  14. 13
    Get out there and socialize!


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