Nothing beats a day at the beach. A fun day for the family, a great place for friends to hang out, or someplace to go by yourself, enjoy the sun and read a good book. Here in India, we are fortunate to have several options when it comes to beaches in Goa, Kerala & Pondicherry.

1. Take a Family Photo

Have your family dress alike, whether you are all in swimsuits or in casual shorts and sundresses. Another cute look - white t-shirts with jeans.


Bring along a disposable, waterproof camera and pose in front of the sunrise or sunset for a great family photo.

2. In the Distance

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Get up early and watch the sunrise or catch the sunset if you are a late riser. Gaze at sailboats gliding across the ocean or visit an area that is heavily populated by dolphins to watch their fins rise and sink below the water.


3. Track the Time

Sun dials work best in areas that have a great deal of exposure to the sun. Bring a pencil and sundial printout and set it up out on the beach. The time may not be exact but it will surely be a fun activity for the family.


4. Rent a Ride

Certain beaches allow vendors to set up on the beach and rent out jetskis and 4 wheelers. When operating any vehicles on the beach be exceptionally cautious of other visitors. Para-sailing is another fun activity that can be done out on the beach.


5. Let the Sun Shine

Relax in the sand or on a lounge chair in the sun. Make sure to wear a sunblock high in SPF. Read, write, daydream, or sip a cool cocktail by the water if alcohol is permitted on the beach.



7. Coastal Critters

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You will see a variety of different birds such as pelicans and seagulls while at the beach. Pack a bag of scraps and feed the birds, just make sure you don't toss any food too close to your own eating area! 


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