The idea of proposing on a beach is both classic and romantic. Before planning one of the suggested proposals, be sure that the beach you've chosen is well-suited to romance. After all, she may want to choose it as the place for your wedding ceremony. As the Rules of Engagement website suggests, be sure to plan ahead. Scout out a beach that doesn't smell fishy, isn't too crowded and offers a beautiful view.

Message in a Bottle

Suggest a craft activity before your planned trip to the beach. If she doesn't immediately agree, set out the following supplies and her interest will likely be piqued: a glass bottle, plain paper, a box of matches, ribbon, colored sand, and small, decorative seashells. Tell your girlfriend that you think it would be romantic if you both wrote a secret message for one another and exchanged the bottles containing your messages after a beach picnic.

While she is busily crafting her message, write a marriage proposal on a piece of off-white paper. Use a match to burn the edges of the paper to give it an old, authentic look. Roll the paper up like a scroll and tie it with ribbon. Fill the glass bottle about a third of the way with colored sand, drop in a few seashells and then add the written marriage proposal. The bottle and proposal can be displayed, along with your girlfriend's romantic message in a bottle, in your future home.


Ring in a Seashell

Go for a twilight walk along the beach, nonchalantly picking up seashells as you walk. Ask her to pick out the ones she thinks are prettiest, and keep the growing collection in a small bag. While the sun is setting, take a seashell out of your pocket that you have already nestled her engagement ring inside. Ask her if she thinks the seashell is pretty enough to be included with the ones she has chosen. No matter her answer, tell her to look more closely at the shell. When she discovers the ring, take her by the hand and deliver the classic, romantic, down-on-one-knee proposal speech.


Skipping Stones

Take her for a romantic walk on the beach. Hold her hand some of the time and skip small pebbles on the water at other times. This will conjure both a romantic and a relaxed atmosphere. Playfully challenge her to a stone-skipping competition. Tell her that whoever's stone travels the farthest before sinking wins a kiss. While she is busily engaged in this competition, take the ring from your pocket. Begin to throw it like any other stone, then stop and say, "Oh, wow! This one's too beautiful to throw. Come see it." When she draws closer, open your hand and show her the ring as you ask her to be your wife.



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