How to Choose Resort Wardrobe Basics

How to Choose Resort Wardrobe Basics

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Choose Resort Wardrobe Basics

In the past, resort wear was once associated with a small group of elite and wealthy jet setters. These people would find unique pieces during their frequent stays at exotic and tropical locales. Designers have since become inspired by this concept of attire for leisure pursuits. Many have delivered stylish resort looks to the mainstream. Designers commonly release specific lines dedicated to resort clothing during warm seasons. The rise of resort wear has become evident at popular holiday destinations like Phoenix, Las Vegas and Honolulu. It signifies a cross-cultural appreciation and a sense of affluence. The style has remained popular because of its laid back, easy to wear pieces.



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      Evaluate your lifestyle. A person who is a local at a vacation hot spot may have more resort wear needs than a tourist. If you're going on a vacation, look over your itinerary and coordinate your wardrobe needs for each activity. If you're looking to achieve the resort wear look for one season or even all-year round, consider your typical activities and plan accordingly.

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      Window shop online for authentic worldly pieces. In the past, it was difficult to find truly unique resort wear, unless you actually traveled to a certain location, had the piece imported at a high price, or purchased an imitation. It is possible to research and seek out authentic pieces from an actual region.

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      Look at clothing tags for lightweight and breathable material. Resort wardrobe basics should be comfortable, easy to clean and pack. It should require minimal or no ironing. Common materials are cotton, poplin, silk, and linen.

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      Find relaxed fits. Tunics, caftans, and loose linen pants can be found in high fashion. These designs offer a comfortable shape as well.

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      Seek out bright colors. Sun-soaked destinations often encourage the optimism of bright colors. Brilliant blues and whites are commonly found in the Mediterranean, whereas various bright colors of the rainbow can be found intermixed in Caribbean architecture and the local population's clothing.

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      Embrace global prints. The most famous resort wear print is the stereotypical Hawaiian Hibiscus pattern. There are also other exotic prints that differ from each region around the globe. Look for different prints, as well as striking color combinations.

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      Go nautical. Resort wear was once also known as "cruise wear." The nautical look was inspired by the wealthy origins of resort wear from activities, such as yachting and sailing. Look for white and dark navy striped tops with subtle details, like gold buttons. White bottoms, such as trousers or crisp cuffed shorts, can also be paired with the look. Find accessories, such as anchor shaped earrings or rope bracelets. Be sure not to go overboard with the seafaring details.

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      Consider black and white. These neutral colors offer some of the most fundamental basics of any wardrobe. White reflects heat and is perfect for staying cool in the hot tropics. A knitted no-iron black dress is a simple option that can transition well from day-to-night.

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      Get the perfect swimsuit for your needs. If you plan on staying in the water frequently, you may want to invest in a sporty bathing suit. However, if you plan on sun bathing in order to achieve an envious tan, you may want to choose a swimsuit based on fashion. A swim cover-up is optional.

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      Wear sandals. These shoes are easy to wear. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, consider getting sandals built for comfort. If you're going to hang around the resort, you may want to find sandals solely built for fashion.

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      Choose accessories to shield you from the sun. Get sunglasses and a floppy hat to help protect your eyes and skin from the sun's rays.

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      Go on a jewelry treasure hunt. If you are vacationing, find local jewelry that you can add to your resort wardrobe and claim as an authentic souvenir. If desire the resort wear "look" do some treasure hunting in various shops, online, or sift through unique thrift store accessories.

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      Get a light sweater. Throw on a sweater for those breezy days or chilly nights.

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      Get flip-flops or sandals. Flip-flops or sandals are another warm-weather essential. Make sure that they are comfortable, especially if you plan on doing a lot of walking during your vacation.

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      Find some fun accessories that's perfect for your vacation. Find items that are natural and easy to use. Consider looking for jewelry that incorporates shells, rocks, or other natural items. You can also look for accessories at your vacation spot.

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      Look for bright colors or exotic patterns. Do not be afraid to mix bright colors. Look for patterns that remind you of far-off tropical getaways.


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