Sarong Art - Inspired by Paul Gauguin

Island Girls

All curves and innocence, teeth flash with every ready joy, a sway of the back, the hair wild and free, a view of a past now lost and a future we need, the Island Girl shows those who would see.



3 Girls on Beach

About this work:

Gauguin inspired, sewed together on about 3 hessian coffee bags with stamps and prints on them. Painted with all things 'tropical beach' - the shells, flowers and bright colours. Beads are sewn into the canvas of the Hibiscus stamens, shells and glitter are glued into the painting and the coffee grpahics are highlighted with glitter. 



Girl with Blue Sarong

About this work:

Gauguin inspired, tropical beach & islander girl painted on Hessian coffee sack for the texture. The graphics, which I really love, are highlighted in glitter. These paintings have a rustic look & feel and are very summery/beachy.


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