Tips for your Island & Beach Vacation!

It's important to mix comfort along with style while on a beach vacation. Women can carry outfits in breathable fabrics like mulmul, chanderi or chiffons for evenings. Also pack in jerseys that you can just roll back and carry with you where ever you go. T-shirts can be teamed with cut off shorts or jeans. Wrap around dresses, a pair of well-fitted swimwear, sarongs (so that you're not self conscious and can walk on the beach in your swimwear), footwear in wedge heels and a pair of flip flops, sunglasses, banana hats are few other essentials. 


Don't forget to carry along an oversized tote, in which you can dump a handful of items and hit the beach. Pack shirts in linen — they look great even when crumpled. Swimwear in deep shades (no whites please!) , flip flops or other open footwear are other beach essentials. TIP: Wear bright colours whenever you go in the waters so it will be easier to spot you in case of emergencies.


Packing in tubes of sunblock goes without saying. Apart from that, carry an insect repellent because islands look very romantic in photographs but the truth is that there are insects there! 


My friends love to snorkel and scuba dive. But I'm more of an above the water sports person. I even love to take long endless walks on beaches and be lost in the tranquil atmosphere. Don't forget to organise a do-it-yourself barbecue when on an island — it's super fun!


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