If you miss summertime, there’s no better time to start planning a holiday! With a resort vacation, as the maddening heat creeps up on us soon.

Here are some tips to remember when planning your dream vacation.

Choose your destination carefully

If you’ve never taken a tropical vacation, where should you begin? There are so many gorgeous beaches to choose from! oa nearby, Bali & Sri Lanka hop skip away, Ibiza and Malaga not too far ... it all sounds amazing! 

Research your flight options

Depending on where you live, some destinations might be easier to reach by air than others. Look into the flights before getting your heart set on one particular destination. Insider’s tip: Do a little research on whether it is less expensive to bundle your air and hotel together. Many online travel agencies offer options that help you save.

Consider your timing

Generally speaking, the most popular times for a tropical vacation are between December and April. Be especially aware of the winter holidays and spring breaks, when the resorts are their most crowded. A trip in January or February can avoid the spring break rush. In April or May, you may be able to find deals, as the main tourist season is drawing to a close.

Understand your all-inclusive package

You have probably heard about all-inclusive resorts, but what does “all inclusive” really include? While researching resorts, be sure to find out exactly what comes with your package. Insider’s tip: Try to get restaurant reservations well in advance. Even though your package may include restaurant meals, the restaurants can get crowded!

Pick your type of resort

There are many different types of resorts that cater to all sorts of vacationers. Some focus more on high-energy activities, while others are all about relaxation. A major differentiating factor is whether a resort is family-friendly or not. Make sure to choose the one that’s best for you.

Pack smart

If you’re planning a tropical vacation, be sure to allow plenty of time for packing. Remember to look up the airline regulations for carry-on items. Check the local weather to see if it gets cool at night, and pack accordingly. Stop at your favorite chemist/store to find travel-sized items that easily fit into your luggage.

And while you’re packing, why not treat yourself to new resort wear? A cute sundress? New sandals? Better yet, how about a new swimsuit that is worthy of your dream vacation? There’s nothing quite as freeing as putting on a jaw-dropping bikini in the middle of January!

Resort vacations are the opportunity of a lifetime. So be sure to make yours the best! With a little advance planning, your trip will be one fabulous activity after another. So go ahead, hop online now, and start making your dream a reality!


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