5 Ultimate Swimwear Trends For 2017

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The world of swimwear is an exciting, ever-changing one – there’s always a new brand, fresh trend or never-before-seen style to look forward to. Ladies, these are the swimwear trends that we’re excited about right now, and you should be too!
1. Ruffled Goodness
Ruffles have been around for a few seasons now, but we’re seeing them coming back with vengeance. They’re the ultimate detail for a feminine, flirty and fun swimwear look. Better yet, bikini tops with ruffles are an absolute godsend for ladies with smaller chests – the volume they bring will instantly make your chest look slightly larger, and more curvaceous.


2. Sexy Off-Shoulder Styles

The off-shoulder trend is here to stay ! Off-shoulder styles in swimwear bring an ultra-sexy feel to the look, while leaving enough to the imagination. You’ll find this trend paired with others – bold prints, ruffled finishes, the works. 


 3. Textures / Crochet Details

Nothing makes a women feel sexier than laces and crochet, and we’re seeing this trend inspire a new wave of swimwear as well.This trend is all about making women feel like an absolute goddess on the beach.


 4. High Waist Bikinis 

Whether you’re trying to tuck away the weight you gained during winter or you want to show off your sexy waist, these bikinis are great either way! High-rise bottoms are very popular this summer and you’ve probably seen plenty of models and celebrities wearing them.


 5. Long Sleeves / Surf Inspired

This is a trend that appeals to surfers and the sun-sensitive. Sleeved swimwear provides another layer of protection against harmful ultraviolet sun rays. Plus - bikinis are much more likely to float off in the water than a short sleeved bathing top !


Go ahead and flaunt these latest trends at next your getaway...

Love Beach Bums !

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