5 Rules for Hosting (and Attending!) Pool Parties

5 Rules for Hosting (and Attending!) Pool Parties by our very own Maithili Asher

This is the season for pool parties, and if you’re planning on hosting one - or have a few to attend on your calendar, we recommend you take some advice from our E-com manager Maithili. We couldn’t agree with Maithili more, so where are her rules for the perfect pool party.

1. If you’ve got a great house and an amazing pool, host a pool party. If your friend who has a great house and amazing pool invites you to a pool party, say yes. The answer is always yes!

2. No glass around the pool, especially if kids are involved. So stock up on canned beers and take-away cups.

3. Don’t show up empty-handed. Bring beverages or your famous pasta salad with pesto.

4. Guacamole is a must. Who doesn’t love chips and dip?

5. Get in the water. Maithili says “none of that ‘Oh, I forgot my suit’ nonsense. It’s a pool party, not a patio party; get in the water.”


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