5 cool swimming pools to add to your bucket list

5 cool swimming pools to add to your bucket list

Looking for a new swim spot? From the world-famous ocean pool experience to the secluded safari swim with Serengeti river views, add these cool pools to your bucket list of places to visit.


1. Best exotic location – Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel,          Bali

Soak up the lush jungle view from the infinity pool in Bali’s Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel, undoubtedly one of the most unique hotel swimming spots we’ve seen.

2. Best cityscape view – Marina Bay Sands Hotel,               Singapore

Straddling three hotel towers, the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel gives an unrivalled vista of Singapore’s city skyline

3. Best secluded swim – Hotel Merzouga, Morocco

Nestled in the desert, the private pool at Merzouga hotel offers a magical setting for a secluded swim.

4. Best sunset swim – Kapari Natural Resort, Santorini

Sunset swims don’t get much better than this. Enjoy a romantic sundowner whilst induldging in the most breath taking infinity pool.

5. Best budget swim – Bondi Icebergs Pool, Australia

For just $6 AUS you can tick the world-famous Bondi Icebergs ocean pool (Olympic size and filled with seawater) off your bucket list without breaking the bank – providing you’re already in Sydney, Australia.

Let us know which one is you favorite !


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