Top Travelling Tips

1. A good night’s sleep and a dose of exercise are key pre-travel prep. Also as much as it pains us to say it, avoid a vino-fuelled send-off and opt for a light meal before lights out.

2. There’s nothing worse than sporting something skin-tight in-flight, and, as you’re practically forced to wear the tray table in front, opt for loose, comfortable clothing. 

3. They say keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum and to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated at 30,000 ft, but as we know with any free-trolley-bar, these words of wisdom fly out the window faster than you can say “bloody Mary". So, we suggest, as long as your water to spirit level is equal that’ll do the trick.

4. Due to cabin air pressure, ditch your contact lenses and apply moisturiser and lip balm regularly. We’ve even been told to try “breathing through a handkerchief soaked in a little water" but would personally not recommend this unless you’re chanelling the OCD nervous-flyer look.

5. Your mother was right: Keep your circulation in check by stretching your legs every few hours. If you really want to keep nimble ask your travel buddy to join in a game of charades.


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