7 reasons why I love the beach

Life's a beach, or so they say, and that's a saying that really applies to me - there are so many reasons why I love the beach that just thinking about them makes me want to grab my beach #bag right now! Here are 7 reasons why I love the beach, and I am sure you do, too.


One of the reasons why I love the beach so much is because of the water. Ever since I can remember, I have been splashing about in the ocean, the bay and the sound that I live so close to. I simply love the water and even if the air is chilly, I still have to dip my toes in it. It grounds me and brings me peace.


Feeling that sunshine warm my #face instantly lifts up my spirits. I am a totally light dependent, and when I go to the beach, I feel my vitamin D levels being restored and I feel a sense of happiness and balance almost immediately.


Sometimes, you just need to take a break from reality. While I can't always go on vacation, a trip to the beach is all that I need to make me feel like I got away. Hopefully no emails to answer, no phones to pick up; it's just me, a beach chair, the water, the sun and the sand. It's just the tranquility that I need.


I recently saw a #quote that said, "You are one step closer to Heaven when you are at the beach," and I think this completely sums up my feeling of the beach. Its vastness makes me realize how beautiful nature is. It puts into perspective what is really important to me.


The everyday hustle and bustle of life can easily start to be overwhelming. When I'm stuck in the middle of all of that hustle and bustle, I think that all my problems are so great and that they are the center of the world. Staring out into the endless expanse of the sea, to a horizon that just keeps on going, reminds me that my problems aren't as bad as they seem when I'm in the real #world.


Even though I have been to the beach millions of times, every #time I go, I find something new and exciting about it. Taking a walk along the shore, I am always astounded by how many different shells I find. When I observe a tide pool, I am always amazed to see how much life resides in it. When I #look at a sunset, I am always shocked by the wonder of our planet and our solar system.


Going to the beach always guarantees a good time. Building sandcastles, searching for marine life, flipping in the water, running to the ice cream #man... a trip to the beach always means fun and great memories.

Yes, the beach is my very favorite place on earth. I am so blessed to live so close to one, and that my business revolves around it. Perhaps my life is a beach! 



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