1. Good exercise: Swimming helps you exercise most of your body parts without straining your joints.
  2. Body strength: Swimming not only tones your muscles, it also helps strengthen your bones, especially at an advanced age.
  3. Endurance:  Swimming competitions are the best way to test and improve your endurance. The longer you swim, the more your body tolerates hard workouts.
  4. Fitness: Swimming burns about 450 to 950 calories per hour; it all depends on your pace.
  5. Osteoarthritis: If your joints hurt and your muscles are stiff, swimming is perfect to lower the pain; in the pool your body weight decreases, and reduces the pressure over your muscles and joints.
  6. Improves asthma symptoms: Swimming helps asthma patients in avoiding asthma attacks; it helps in their breathing methods and can improve their condition in general.
  7. Cool-down: Swimming after an intense out-of-the-pool workout, helps your muscles in their recovery as it restores your body’s blood movement.
  8. Relax: Swimming releases endorphins and has the same effects as yoga on the human body, thus helping in relieving stress.
  9. Self-improvement: Swimming teaches you discipline and sportsmanship. It gives you a healthy competitive edge, by pushing you to overcome your peers and/or yourself.
  10. Cool off: Swimming is the best way to cool off in the sizzling hot summer; no matter how high the temperature is, water never fails to freshen you up!

Keep swimming!