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Relaxing in a hammock is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon. It's easy to add a one to your own backyard if you have a place to hang it and the right hardware. Here is The Beach Company's tips to learn about hammocks and the best places to hang them.

Where to Hang a Hammock:

Natural shade: The traditional place to hang a hammock is between two strong trees. You can do the same in your own backyard by stringing the hammock underneath your trees, if you have two trees that are mature and large enough to support the weight. The natural shade provided by trees creates a relaxing setting out of the sun and heat. If you tie your hammock directly to the trees, make sure you tie it securely.

Portable stand: Hammock stands are perfectly designed and balanced to accommodate most hammocks. The convenience provided by portable stands allows you to place them nearly anywhere in your yard as well as move them from place to place, as opposed to hammocks anchored to a tree or structure.

Sturdy anchors: A hammock can be hung nearly anywhere in your yard as long as you have something sturdy to anchor it to. Place hooks in the outdoor walls of your house or shed to hang a hammock on and enjoy a little relaxation right outside your back door. Wooden fence posts and sturdy trees are other easy, durable places to anchor a hammock. You'll want to make sure any hooks and hardware you use are placed securely to avoid causing injury or damage to your wall, fence, or tree.

Covered structures: A front porch or a covered patio provides both shade and support for your hammock. Outside walls and posts are the perfect places to set anchors for your hammock, and a shaded outdoor space offers a relieving escape from summer heat. In addition, the shelter provided by a covered structure keeps your hammock out of the rain, helping to preserve the hammock and increase its life span.

Poolside: There may not be a more relaxing place in your backyard to lie in a hammock than next to the pool. Not only will you enjoy soaking up some sun after a dip in the pool, but pool water cools the air around it, giving you a nice, cool spot to relax on a hot summer day. Be sure to choose a hammock made with durable, all-weather fabrics to prevent any deterioration caused by humidity and moisture from the pool.


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