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The Beach Company Fit Expert is like a friend who is ready to help when you want a hand finding a swimsuit you’ll feel confident in. They have the expertise to suggest styles that will flatter your figure, and are available to give you honest, friendly advice on fitting. We’ve done our job when you leave our store feeling excited to wear your new swimsuit on vacation. It is The Beach Company’s mission to continue our tradition of instilling confidence in customers by providing them with swimwear that makes them look and feel their best. Buy Online:

While buying a swimsuit, your body type makes all the difference. A boy leg or hipster brief may be an excellent choice for one type of figure, but look quite wrong on another: it all depends on the way your shoulders, breasts, waist, belly, hips, thighs and bottom are defined.

Other factors to consider are the colour of your swimwear, the print, the kind of straps and neckline and accessories that makes a world of difference in finding the right outfit for your figure.

In other words: let your body shape decide what you wear and make the most of your unique features! Buy Online: 

The Beach Company Shack has a guide to making the most of your body shape

 1)      Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body shape is defined by equal proportions.
Shoulders: narrow
Breasts: small
Waist: less defined
Hips: slender
Goal -  To create the illusion of curves


-          A padded bikini will make you breasts seem bigger
-          Define your waistline
-          Wear low-leg style briefs or hipsters
-          Use trims and ties to accentuate the width of your hips
-          Wear tops with wide straps to broaden your shoulders and minimise your waist
2)      Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape appears quite curved around the bottom.
Shoulders: narrow
Breast: small
Waist: long
Bottom: full
Hips: wide, curved
Thighs: full
Goal - To balance out, emphasising your top half and drawing the attention away from your hips


-          Wear higher cut plain briefs to elongate the legs
-          Wear dark colours on your bottom half to minimise the hip area
-          Wear bright attractive colours and accessories on your top half, such as beads, ruffles and buckles
-          A padded bikini with cups will make you breasts seem bigger
-          Choose a ‘Princess’ cut for your bikini top or a halter style tops to broaden the shoulders
-          A Tankini style top with square neck will also draw the attention away from your hips

Hourglass Body Shape

A figure with well-defined bust, waist, and hips.
Shoulders: narrow
Breasts: full
Waist: well defined
Hips: narrow
Thighs: slender
Goal - Showing your feminine curves


-          Push-up tops with underwire and cups enhance your breasts
-          To draw the attention: choose the latest prints and embellishments on both top and bottom
-          Any type of leg cut or neckline will suit you
-          Go for attractive colours
-          If you wear your bikini for extended periods of time, get thicker straps for ultimate lift and support
-          Avoid large garments: accentuate your body shape by wearing tight-fitting swimwear

4)      Cone Body Shape

The cone body shape is wide at the top and small at the bottom.
Shoulders: broad
Breasts: medium to full
Waist: less defined
Belly: flat
Hips: narrow
Thighs: slim
Goal - Focus on the hips and legs to balance proportions


-          Low-leg styles for briefs, like boy legs and hot pants, to broaden the hips.
-          Look out for a swimsuit or bikini that accentuates the waist
-           Use accessories on the hips: like a belt, strings, beads, bows, rings, buckles, or ruffles
-          Wear tops with thin over-the-shoulder straps or high-cut neckline, which draw attention to the hips
-          Create the illusion of an hourglass figure by wearing a high-cut one piece swimsuit
-          Avoid halter neck tops

5)      Diamond Body Shape

A full bust and wide waist defines the diamond body shape.
Shoulders: narrow
Breasts: full
Waist: not defined
Belly: full
Hips: broad
Goal - Emphasise on the chest, drawing the attention away from the belly


-          Elongate the body with vertical or diagonal lines
-          Use V-necklines that enhance your breast area
-          Contrast neckline binding and neckline embellishments to draw attention upwards
-          Steer clear of busy prints and colours
-          Wear a long Tankini top or one-piece bathing suit with over-the-shoulder straps
-          Choose solid colours on a neutral dark background



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