Goa's Signature Food at it's Best Restaurants

A gourmet searching for Goan cuisine need look no further than right here at The Beach Company. The dishes served in Goa are crafted to tickle the diner’s taste buds. The ingredients that go into the making of the Goan dishes are carefully selected and then blended the way they are in the Goan kitchen. The proof is in the tasting.

chicken xacuti goan cuisine


Chicken, mutton or mushroom cooked in this fiery concoction that blends coconut with onions and some special spices can literally take your breath away. A truly Goan dish, Xacuti is in a class by itself.


A special favourite in Goa, Vindaloo is a top drawer attraction for diners. Bite into the fish or pork preparation that is far different from the Portuguese Vinho d’alho which it takes its name from.


Goa’s long association with Portugal brought in dishes from its other colonies and Cafreal is one that came from Africa, to be adapted to Goan tastes. Tender Chicken in this green masala is a delicacy that demands a repeat order.

Samarachi Coddi

That’s the curry the Goan pours large dollops of onto his rice daily. With a coconut base, and fresh as well as dry prawns to add to the flavour, this dish that takes hours to prepare but the reward is in the taste.

Alle Belle

You may have heard of bebinca, dodol, doce and other deserts. At Upper House it is Alle Belle that, well, takes the cake. Tender coconut and jaggery stuffed into a paper-thin pancake comes with a touch of Goan warmth.


The Beach Company scoured through the streets of Panjim searching for the perfect Goan food - and find it we did! Here are top picks for your trip down to India's favourite state.

1. The Upper House, Panjim

2. Mum's Kitchen, Panjim

3. Quarter deck, Panjim


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