It’s a widely revered and rejoiced tradition, held in high esteem by all. It’s our favourite two words put together to form something entirely wonderful. Beach Holiday!

 It is also something that can be immensely stressful both in planning and execution. There is so much to remember to do before you go, so much to remember to take with you. Your ability to prepare and be decisive is put to the test!

Here is our basics guide to getting it right on your beach holiday and to de-stress the packing process.




  1. The number one rule is: Don’t leave it till last minute! Give yourself a couple of days to reflect on your almost packed case, this way you’ll begin rationalise with yourself and end up removing unnecessary additions before it’s too late.
  2. Lay out everything you want to take initially on the floor/bed next to similar items. That way you can break it down and narrow your choice accordingly.
  3. Think realistically about what you will be doing on your trip – If you’re planning on spending most of it on the beach, take enough swimwear to last the length of your trip and cover-ups! If there will be a lot of eating out you may want to put emphasis on outfits that will make you feel good in the evening, if you’re self-catering it you’ll probably end up wearing what’s comfortable – choose carefully and you’ll look fab either way.
  4. Write a list and stick to it. If it’s not on the list then it’s probably not essential. This website is great for making a printable list – It thinks of everything for you!
  5. If you are going with friends or family, consider sharing items such as hairdryers, if you’re like me – a tiny travel hairdryer will not cut it, a full size one will take up some important shoe room so it really is worth sharing where possible.
  6. Consider what can be bought or is provided when you get there, it’s nice to know you have everything, but realistically it may be worth doing a little holiday shop when you arrive – especially for some toiletries, which are a nightmare, more so for those restricted to hand luggage. Towels are bulky so if you can access them when you get there, don’t pack them.
  7. When it comes to shoes, the softer and flatter the better for fitting in your case, make the most of crevices and put small items in your shoes to save space.
  8. Something that does two jobs for the size of one are a definitely a good choice. Shampoo that is also a conditioner, a skirt that’s also a dress, moisturiser that’s also a foundation that’s also got a high SPF – YES PLEASE. Though if you’re going somewhere hot, don’t forget sun protection whether you pack it or buy it once you’re at your destination.
  9. Do what you can before you go to minimise things to take – Eyelash/Eyebrow tint – Goodbye mascara. Waxing – Minimise the need for razors/shaving cream if it’s only a short stay. Some shellac before you go in a neutral shade so you’re not tempted to take nail colour. All the little bottles add up! Especially in hand luggage.


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