Winter doesn’t have to mean chunky jumpers, scarves and hats. You can ditch the three pairs of socks, too! If you want to get that sun kissed look this season, put away the fake tan and get packing for a trip on the High Seas.

Whether you are an avid seafarer, or you just like to feel a bit like a celebrity, sailing is a truly relaxing experience. The beautiful blue ocean, golden sands lined with palm trees and the cool sea breeze of the most popular winter sun locations are incredibly calming. You can also see some amazing sites such as dolphins, whales and a host of other marine life.

No matter your level of nautical skill, there are a few different options for excursions, from chartering a yacht, to hopping aboard a catamaran.

Here are five of the places we’ll be dreaming of whilst cosying up to our coffee and putting on our third layer of clothing.


With an average annual temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, Lanzarote is a picture-perfect sunny getaway. When sailing from Orzola in Las Palmas to La Graciosa, you can see flying fish, turtles or dolphins. Stop off and explore the village of Caleta del Sabo, or snorkel in the crystal waters of Yellow Mountain Beach.

There are a number of ferries and catamarans that make the journey which takes about an hour (just enough time to catch a few rays and enjoy a glass of wine).


The Caribbean is the place to be for stunning shores, clear water and delicious cocktails. By climbing on board a charter yacht you can take in the view from the sea whilst sipping on a rum punch – heaven. Many sailing companies which you will find lining the docks of Antigua will offer private day trips for you and your friends or family.

At this time of year, the average temperature gauge can hit the mid to late 20’s – the perfect excuse to sunbathe on the deck to get bronzed!

When the sun goes down, don’t miss out on the great nightlife in the area, with various bars dotted across Antigua.


No matter where you visit in the Maldives, there are plenty of opportunities to sail on many of the islands. Chaaya Lagoon on the island of Hakuraa is a popular choice. Venture out on a Maldivian boat called a “Dhoni”, sunning it up on the upper deck before diving into the cool waters. A dip in the sea can really help enhance your suntan; just make sure to wear waterproof sun lotion!

Catch the last of the day’s rays with a tipple at the Nalha Falhu bar, or dinner at the Malaafaiy restaurant.


If you fancy trying your hand at learning how to sail and getting a healthier complexion whilst you’re at it, then Australia is a brilliant place to visit. Their summer is during our winter, so you can expect highs of 32 degrees Celsius.

An offshore adventure will show you some incredible sights, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the coastlines of world famous beaches. Sailing schools line the coast of Queensland, where you can be taken out on a yacht to learn the basic skills of chartering. However, if you fancy sitting back and relaxing on the deck, then there are plenty of excursions too which incorporate snorkelling.

Once you’ve stepped back onto land, you can continue to top up the tan on the sand or visit the Sea World Centre to see some of Australia’s amazing sea life.


The idyllic views of St Lucia make it a favourite for those cruising in their own vessel or heading out on excursions. From the lush rainforests to the white sands, the surrounding islands are also a sight to behold.

After spending a few hours out at sea, why not experience a detoxing mud bath downstream from the word famous Sulphur Springs? You wouldn’t want to bathe at the source which heats up to 170°, but a few hundred yards away the water is cooler and the mud is believed to have medical properties.

Are you off to anywhere tropical this winter?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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