Capital City: South Tarawa

National Airline: Air Kiribati 


 Why visit Kiribati:  Those who have a passion for exploring and discovering, people who like an adventure off the tourist trail to places where few have been before, and people who want to understand a country - not just see it. Kiribati will challenge your view of how life should be and show you a less complicated way of living where family and community come first. Curving its way above and below the equator, the Republic of Kiribati (pronounced 'Kiri-bas') encompasses the Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Islands, and was known under British rule as the Gilbert Islands. Most atolls surround turquoise lagoons and barely rise above the surrounding ocean, so it's rare to be out of the sight and sound of the sea.Nothing happens fast here, so wind down, relax and enjoy living on island time.



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