Swimming Armbands For 30 To 60 Kg

Designer: Decathlon

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Designed for children weighing 30 to 60 kg who are discovering and starting to move around in the water.

Inflatable armbands are part of the "Discovering the water" experience: When kids discover the water, they need buoyancy to help them gain confidence in this new environment. These armbands provide good buoyancy for the arms. The child or adult can easily keep their head out of the water to gradually build confidence.

These Armbands have PVC one-way inflation valves. To inflate the product correctly, press the base of the valve to open it. The valve closes mechanically in about 2 seconds. As such, it is normal for a bit of air to escape after inflation. This is why you must close the cap quickly. 

Inflate one chamber, put the armband on the upper arm and inflate the other.

After using them, rinse your armbands. Do not leave them in direct sunlight.

warning: this is not a lifesaving device. do not leave child unattended while device is in use. read & follow all safety information & instructions.