Purple Panel Print Skirtini

Designer: Decathlon

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Occasional swimmer who trains less than once a week. A swimsuit with long sleeves and a skirt shape for good coverage while remaining feminine.. Swimsuit with skirt style and sleeves for good coverage and inner padding for good support.

    BACK SHAPE U-shaped back - Easy to put on

    UK 8 - EU 36 : 84cm-87cm

    UK 10 - EU 38 : 88cm-91cm

    UK 12 - EU 40 : 92cm-95cm

    UK 14 - EU 42 : 96cm-99cm

    UK 16 - EU 44 : 1m-1.03m 

    Your practice Beginners swim: beginner swimmers who are starting to swim and need ease and comfort. She seeks primarily a water related physical activity, for its benefits on well-being and health. For her, Nabaiji offers a wide range of swimwear that allow her to swim with products suited to swimming, but that also meet anatomical requirements.
    Shape Scoop, U-shaped back A swimsuit should primarily favour comfort. It should allow you to make your movements in total ease and not hurt you. That is why it is important to choose the shape of the back of your swimsuit carefully. Ideal for larger sizes as it is easy to put on once over the hips.
    Material Material: 80% polyamide / 20% elastane. Chlorinated water can be harmful to swimsuits which are used repeatedly in the swimming pool. The elastane fibre that gives the material its stretch property and therefore makes it comfortable, is also very fragile when in contact with chlorine. If you swim occasionally this material will be fine for you. If you swim regularly or intensively, opt for a 100% polyester material.
    User restrictions Not recommended for use on slides. For use in public swimming pools, please check that this type of swimsuit is permitted by the establishment