Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Care 5-in-1 Coloured Spray SPF50+ 200ml

Designer: Nivea

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Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Care 5-in-1 Coloured Spray SPF50+ 200ml is a sunscreen specifically formulated for children. In this way, this product offers five-in-one protection for maximum safety! Firstly, the SPF50+ grants very high protection against UVB and UVA radiation. Secondly, the formula is extra water resistant to endure the activities of children keeping them safely protected from the sun. Lastly, the formula features organic Almond Oil and Glycerin which moisturize the delicate skin of children and prevent dehydration. In other words, this sunscreen cares for the children's delicate skin, supporting the skin barrier and providing long-lasting moisture. 

But the distinctive feature of this product is the color of the formula. With a blue color, you can guarantee a safe application while making it fun! Furthermore, the texture is easy to apply and distribute. As a last note, the formula is 76% biodegradable and ocean-friendly. All in all, this sunscreen cares for the delicate skin of children, offering high protection from sun exposure while keeping the skin hydrated.