Anti-fog Marker

Designer: NABAIJI

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Anti-fog re-activator for swimming goggles and swimming pool masks
This marker is developed to reactivate the anti-fogging treatment on your goggles and to prolong their lifetime.

Anti-Fogging - Fog-free goggles, each application guarantees 1-2 hrs of swimming without fog.

How to Use

1) Apply to your lenses (please note they must be completely dry)

2) Leave to dry for at least 1 minute

3) Immerse the goggles in water to spread the product Re-apply on average every 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the speed at which fog reappears. 400 applications on average.

If your goggles fog up during the session, dip them in the water again, a protective film will reform and allow you to finish your session in good conditions.


DO NOT USE ON NEW GOGGLES, you may damage the new anti-fog treatment or scratch the lenses. Never touch the inside of the lenses - Do not rub them. If you rub your goggles before applying the product, the product may not work properly. The goggles must be dry before applying the product Replace the marker's cap after use Do not use with contact lenses Must not be used by kids.


If the product gets into your eyes, rinse them with clean water for several minutes. If eye irritation persists, consult a doctor and keep the product container at hand. CAREFULLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT