Six Easy Steps to Swim the Breaststroke perfectly

The breaststroke is without a doubt one of the most popular swimming strokes. In fact, many recreational swimmers are perfectly happy using this swim stroke all the time. Because it is so popular, we consider it as one of the basic swimming strokes.

1- Place yourself laterally in the water with your arms extended straight in front of you and your legs in back of you.
2- Push your arms apart so that they create a diagonal with your body. Make sure your palms are facing out and your elbows are straight.
3- Pull your elbows into the sides of your body, then bring your hands together in front of your chest. Now simply push your hands forward so they return to where they started. Do not make your arms go wide open, but do not make a tiny circle either. Also, when both of your hands get to your chest, shoot them out quickly side by side, palms up.

4- While completing step 3, lift your head, neck, and upper chest out of the water to breathe. Do not remove your hands from the water.

5- Bending your knees, bring your feet towards your bottom. Make a circular motion with your feet until they meet with your legs fully extended once again. Complete this step as fast as possible.

6- Glide! But not for too long. In competitions, DO NOT go over 1 or 2 seconds, as it will slow you down a lot.
The equipment needed to perfect your Breaststroke are the Arena Swim Cap, Arena Goggles and Arena Fins. For more Arena swimming equipments Click Here