We're in love with the Maldives

1. It’s seriously close to the equator 

Maldivian resorts are less than 50km from the equator, which means you’re only a luxury yacht charter away from the once-in-a-lifetime experience of crossing over this geographical wonder. How many people can say they’ve swum between two hemispheres? While you’re out in the depths of the ocean, make the most of it with some serious deep-sea diving.

2. They’re clued up on their environmental issues- and doing something about it

How many beachfront hotels can boast an in-house sustainability experts? With regular workshops, you’ll feel like you’re really in the know and you can offset those air miles by helping the planet in a big way. The Regeneration Project is now in full force with structures put in place to help the coral now starting to take effect.

3. You can learn Maldivian cooking

It’s the classic holiday problem- ten days of incredible taste-bud glory and new flavour sensations, only to return home unable to source any of those new delights. Well, not anymore. In the Maldives, chefs will be on hand to give you a private lesson in Maldivian cooking, so you can recreate the holiday experience at home. Who knew there were so many ways to cook a coconut?

4. Dolphins in the deep

Possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood animals, dolphins will always have a sense of magic about them. What better time to catch a glimpse of these intriguing creatures than as the sun sets? You’ll be taken out on a private evening cruise – the ultimate Instagrammable adventure – and sip on sun-downers as you keep watch for dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and more. As you sail back to shore, let the stargazing expert regale you with stories of the sky.


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