Cleansers, moisturizers, and a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night are all measures we take to keep our glowing skin looking young. Although, one common mistake we often forget about is sunscreen. We head to the beach, lay out reading our favorite book as the warm rays kiss our skin - whether your skin tans or burns is irrelevant when it comes to skin damage. Even those with beautifully dark undertones should wear an SPF 25 or higher when exposed to the sun. When doing so, here are a few places on our bodies we’ve forgotten to apply the screen to and we’re sure you have too. So next time you head out for a beachcation, don’t forget to apply SPF to these forgetful body parts!

  1. Behind the ears

This area is common for many beach babes to forget about. It’s an area on the body that almost constantly receives attention from the sun. So don’t forget to apply the lotion next time you throw your luscious locks in a pony and head for the sand.

  1. Tops and bottoms of feet

We’re guilty of being extra forgetful of this body part. The tops and bottoms of your feet aren’t common places you think to rub sunscreen into. You most likely stop or start the sunscreen application at the ankles and continue upwards. However, when your soothed to sleep from the therapeutic sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore, the tops AND bottoms of your feet are aging and gaining irreversible skin damage. So before your next afternoon beach nap, rub some zinc on those feet before dozing off.

  1. Back of the neck

Most girls may not think the back of the neck is important since our hair tends to cover it most of the time. However, it’s exposed to the sun a lot more than we think. When our hair is up, flopped to one side, and especially when we’re swimming in the salt water (since the water reflects sunlight) we’re exposing our necks to the sun and therefore need to protect it like any other body part.

  1. Tops of hands

An area many don’t think to apply sunscreen to, but such a crucial body part. We are constantly using our hands and our hands are constantly exposed to the sun every single day. Whether you’re at the beach or driving your car to work each morning, the hands gain a ton of sun exposure which equals a ton of skin damage. If you want young wrinkle-free hands when your older, don’t neglect your two most important body parts!

  1. Under arms

Most important for the beach days that begin with a beach volleyball game or an accidental snooze- the underarms, believe it or not, can still capture a good amount of sun exposure. So, before you hop into the next volley match to show off your spiking and setting skills, make sure to spray some liquid screen on the under sides of your arms.

If you avoid Sunscreen because you have sensitive skin, or don’t like the way it effects your skin, to check out our favorite face sunscreens (don’t fret, they can be used on other spots too!) that are gentler on the skin but still provide you with the protection you need…



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