If in Goa, during one of the incessant rain spells, one has to take a pause, and enjoy the beauty that the rain brings with it to this tiny state blessed with nature’s bounty. Other than this, Goa offers a lot of experiences to be enjoyed during the monsoons.

As the monsoons knock the door of this beautiful land, several attractions and popular hangouts close down across the length and breadth of the state. Goa, however, is a land rich in diversity and offers many options to keep one-self entertained during the rainy season.

Monsoon is a time when the less well known and perhaps, the more enchanting side of Goa is open to exploration. There is more to Goa, than the nightlife and beach, and monsoons serve as the perfect backdrop as well as an excuse when this hidden side can be explored.  

The plentiful of rain showers give an almost ethereal beauty to the Goan land. Hop into a car or a bike and explore the roads. One can see vast expanses of green fields & water bodies, as far as the eye can see. The crops have been recently sowed, and there is an overall aroma of freshness in the air. Chorla Ghats, on the Sanquelim – Belgaum highway, makes for a beautiful drive during the wet season.

The beach, a major attraction for tourists and locals alike, is relatively less crowded at this time. Although, some beaches may become inaccessible once the monsoons are in full flow, many can be easily reached. The Agonda beach, in the south, for instance, will offer the visitor, a totally private time. With most shacks in and around the beaches being closed, it’s always better to pack some essentials like beach towels, and snacks for a beach outing, especially the far off ones.

Another gift of the monsoons is the waterfalls dotting the landscape of Goa. Located on the Goa-Karnataka border, the Dudhsagar waterfall, named so, because of its’ almost milk like colour, is perhaps one of the most famous and is a delight for nature lovers. The Arvalem waterfall, in Sanquelim, is another cascade to be visited during peak monsoons. Arvalem caves and Rudreshwar temple are nearby attractions. Netravalli falls in Sanguem, Kaskem falls in Canacona, and the tambdi surla falls are other popular waterfalls to be visited during monsoons.

Monsoons are also a time for festivals in Goa. The popular Sao Joao festival, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is celebrated on the 24th of June every year. There is a lot of merriment surrounding this festival, with revellers jumping in the well, all in high spirits. Ganesh Chaturthi, another very popular festival, is celebrated with zest, generally in the last month of monsoons.

The beautiful churches and temples of Goa, which are major tourist attractions, can be explored throughout the year. These places of worship, which can be found across the landscape of Goa in abundance, are also the go-to places for admiring the architectural heritage of the land.

The coastal areas of Goa are marked by several forts and lighthouses, most of which have a story or two to tell. Up in the north, the Chapora fort is a must see during monsoons; one can enjoy the breath taking view from atop the fort or enjoy raindrops lashing the sea below.

Spice plantations in Goa, offer a unique experience and are a must visit during monsoons. Visitors are offered a guided tour of the plantation, complete with sampling of a few spices. At most places, the tours are followed by an authentic Goan lunch. Most spice plantations are situated in and around the Ponda area in south Goa. Goa is a photographer’s delight, especially during monsoons.

So if you have the passion for capturing anything and everything, Goa is the place to be from June to September. One after the other, Goa will throw at you majestic sights to be captured for eternity. It’s best to keep the camera handy.

Finally, if you just cannot do without nightlife, don’t lose heart, as several popular nightclubs especially in the north are open during monsoons. The best part is that, since, it is technically off-season, there is less crowd and smaller queues to enter the clubs, and if you are lucky, then you will pay low entry fees as well. 


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