Men's Beach Style Icons

Beach style.  Two words normally associated with female glamazons from past to present.  Well think again. Throughout the decades a select group of men have been causing waves among the style tribe slowly redefining beach iconography with their classic looks and beach honed bodies.  Here is our list of the most stylish, the hottest and the blondest (we’re talking to you Swayze) that have made the list.

David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff: successful singer, producer and businessman, but throwing all that that aside for a minute will be remembered for one role, Baywatch’s Mitch Buchannon. The Hoff, similar to his other cast mates, certainly wasn’t shy in coming forward, disrobing in front of millions of viewers to give to the world his perfectly honed, tanned athletic body complete with mandatory wrap around shades. Managing to remain overtly masculine yet never sleazy amongst a sea of implausibly enhanced beauties and even more implausible storylines, David Hasselhoff, we salute you.

Matthew McConaughey
McConaughey appears to be contractually bound to be either topless, in swimmers or a see through shirt for at least half of every film he features in. Perhaps a directors trick to distract audiences from his questionable acting ability or simply the questionable quality of the film as a whole but whatever the reason we are in no doubt McConaughey’s Adonis esque, insanely bronzed beach body is the model that most (ok all) men aspire to have.

Daniel Craig
Throwing gender stereotypes on their heads was Daniel Craig’s mission when his glistening, Speedo clad form emerged from the sea in Casino Royale. Any memories of Ursula Andress were cast aside when Bond’s toned, masculine body stepped onto the beach and had women and men alike gasping in both awe and envy. On an aside, just because Craig managed to pull of the barely there beach brief look with relative ease it is a style that should be approached with much caution, yo
u are not 007.



Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is the greatest surfer in the world. This isn’t just a hyperbolic statement about the easy on the eye Slater, but an out and out fact. Considered an old boy in the sport at 39, Slater still eclipses all the young upstarts on the surf scene being both the youngest and oldest surfer to win the ASP World Championships, and still ranks number 1. In fact he has officially transcended the world of surfing by joining the ranks of only a handful of other sporting greats such as Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods who don’t just represent their chosen sport but define sporting prowess as a whole.




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