Hair Friendly Beach Styles

A holiday is nothing short of a well deserved escape from the reality and routine of daily life. A much needed getaway for mind, body and soul, so why shouldn’t your hair get to enjoy the same?

Give the straighteners a break with these quick and easy hair styles, using minimum heat styling whilst guaranteeing maximum chic. We’ve even found the best multi-use products which promises even more space in your suitcase and more time to savour the beach.

You can thank us later…

Achieve the Ultimate Beach Plait

  • After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry hair (always pat, never rub)
  • Use a Horn Comb to detangle hair and create a smooth centre parting. Horn is made of Keratin which means a simple stroke or two can help maintain the hair’s natural oils whilst preventing static, making it the ideal travel companion.
  • Remember these looks really are about using as little heat styling as possible so leave hair to dry naturally over breakfast, by tucking it behind your ears!
  • Once dry take a strand, about an inch and a half wide, from the front of your hair and part it parallel to your ears. Section the remaining hair off and tie into a low ponytail.
  • Begin plaiting a strand by dividing the hair into three, starting as close as you can to your parting. Plait away from the face, towards and behind your ear, taking the hair in to the plait as you go (think French). Keep the tension tight to create a clean line, or leave it looser for a messier look which you can backcomb out later.
  • Tie the plait behind the ear with an invisible hair-band and repeat on the other side. Once both strands are plaited, untie the rest of your hair and comb out.
  • Fasten the plaits underneath the hair at the nape of the neck, either with a bobby pin or if your hair is long enough, tie to the two plaits together.
  • Sweep a small amount of balm through your un-plaited hair from root to tip, smoothing flyaway hairs. This multi-use balm really does work wonders, leaving hair shinier and sleeker without looking greasy- so you can afford to be generous! Tie back into a low ponytail and finish with a messy bun or for a chicer look use a donut.

Top Tip: This look is great for a spot of sun bathing or sightseeing but don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your exposed parting otherwise it will burn.

Achieve the Chic Wet Look

  • After shampooing and conditioning hair, lightly towel dry to remove excess water. Prime the hair with a protecting spray and then comb but this time, do not create a parting, you just want to comb the hair back from the face.
  • Enjoy a cocktail (or two) on the hotel balcony while you wait for your hair to dry!
  • Once dry use a texturizing spray into the roots at the crown of your head to add volume. If you have particularly fine hair, you might want to backcomb to add more texture.
  • Use the balm to create the ‘wet’ part of this look by lightly skimming the product from root to tip, again pushing the hair back from the face. Repeat if necessary.I finish this look by pulling the sides of my hair taught, securing the hair in place with a bobby pin. Play with the top of the hair so it falls over the pins, making them invisible.

Top Tip: This look is perfect for those sultry evenings so make sure to add a chunky earring for maximum effect.


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