Swimming Techniques to Get the Perfect Ab Muscles

Swimming has long been the exercise of choice for anyone looking to build lean body mass as well as improve respiratory capacity. The resistance of the water creates an environment where you must constantly move, even minutely, to keep above the water line. The buoyancy of the water is a boon to anyone looking to lose weight who may not have the physical capacity to engage in other fat-burning exercises. While swimming requires the coordination of many of the major muscle groups in the body, the abdominal muscles are of utmost importance. If you are seeking to lose weight and build muscle, consider adding swimming to your exercise routine.

How can Swimming Build Ab Muscles?
When swimming, your torso muscles are constantly engaged to keep your body level with every arm stroke and leg kick. Direction changes and rolls from side to side are initiated from and enabled by the core muscles. In addition, the respiratory demands of swimming require the abdomen area to constantly inflate and deflate with every breath taken.

What are Good Swimming Strokes for Building Abs?
Besides working arms and shoulders, the butterfly stroke is excellent for working the abdominal muscles. Keeping your chin above the water requires the stretch and pull of the ab muscles, keeping these muscles constantly engaged as you swim. Moreover, the freestyle stroke depends on the core ab muscles to keep your body straight and stabilized. The side-to-side motion of this stroke also activates the side oblique muscles, both internal and external.

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