Capital City: Apia

National Airline: Samoa Airlines


Why visit Samoa: Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of ten islands, each offering very distinct and different environments to explore. The coastline is a wonder in itself, with sparkling white sand beaches, in some places stretching for miles, and here and there are walls of sheer cliffs that drop straight into the Pacific. And beyond the beaches out into the blue lagoons are scattered the rest of the islands that make up Samoa. And amongst all this natural beauty and picturesque valleys and coastline you will find villages with their churches, meeting houses and open homes encircling the village green. Home to people proud of their strong cultural heritage, that live alongside these natural wonders. For it’s the people, culture and nature that give life to these islands.


 Decorative headdresses are used during Fia Fia dance performances (Traditional Dance)


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