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Swim Care Combo Pack (Set of 3)

Swim Care Combo Pack (Set of 3)
Rs. 445.00

With an increased interest in swimming as a sport in India, Swim Care aims to protect swimmers from the harmful effects of chlorine on their bodies. The Swim Care Chlorine Clear Shampoo, Body Wash and Toothpaste COMBO provides complete protection from the effects of chlorine & other chemicals. Each of the Swim Care products are in 100ml packs and permitted for air-travel too! 

Swim Care – Chlorine Clear Shampoo
 Chlorine is very drying for your hair
 chlorinated water strips the hair of its natural lubricant
 Hair’s protective cuticles crack, which leads to split ends and frequent breaking of strands.

Swim Care – Chlorine & Odor Clear Body Wash
 Chlorinated pool can dry out your skin
 Make it feel tight and itchy
 Sensitive skin may get irritation or a rash from the pool's drying effects
 Chlorine can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema.

Swim Care – Enamel & Sensitivity Care Toothpaste
 Chemically treated pools are a leading cause of tooth staining.
 The minerals of the water form a hard, yellowish brown stain on your teeth.
 Pools that have been improperly maintained decay your enamel.
 Swimming Water can cause the teeth to damage and decay, and make them sensitive.

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