Sporti Anti Fog Goggles Silver

Sporti Anti Fog Goggles Silver

Sporti Antifog Swimming Goggles

The new Sporti Anitfog Plus Swimming Goggles are a comfortable fit for any face, and any budget. These goggles feature a round eyepiece and multiple nosepieces to customize for the best fit possible. Goggles are a swimmers best friend, so any time that you head into the water, you'll be ready for any race.

High Quality Features
UV protection.
Shatter-resistant, polycarbonate lenses.

Superior Comfort
Soft silicone strap for ultimate comfort.
Multi-sized nosepiece for a customized fit.

Every one of Sporti's products delivers an EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE for your workout, with innovative designs and fits that have been refined for your active lifestyle.

Type: Swim Gear

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