Neck Vest (18-30kg)

Designer: NABAIJI

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Rs. 1,899.00
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Size: 39-66 Ib / 18-30 Kg

Color: Green

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Designed For : Enables children to move around in the water with great freedom of movement The neck vest goes on like a swim vest and enables children who don't know how to swim to move around in the water with ease of movement under constant adult supervision.

  • Gender : Any
  • Age Range : Junior
  • Composition : PVC.
  • Tested : EN13138-1: buoyancy aid.
  • Restriction of use : Children weighing 18-30 kg under constant adult supervision.
  • Stock Advice : Store in a dry, ventilated place.
  • Care Instructions : After use, rinse all the components with clean water and leave out to dry.