Splash About Reusable Nappy Wrap

Designer: Indianoctopus

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Size: 0-4 Months

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The Splash About Reusable Nappy Wrap an eco way to keep your baby and the pool clean during baby swimming and splash sessions in the pool!

This lovely soft white cotton nappy wrap, with embroidered logo, forms part of a fantastic new environmentally friendly nappy system. Though the Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Nappy works perfectly well alone it is easier to clean up if a liner of some type is used inside.

For use with Splash About Eco liners and the Splash About Happy Nappy baby swim nappy.

How to use

Place the flushable swim nappy liner, folded to fit, in your opened Nappy Wrap

Place baby on top and wrap around and fasten snugly with the surgical quality velcro.

Pop on your Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Nappy on the top.


XS - S under 15LBS or 6KGS - 0-4months

M -L 15 - 35LBS or 6 - 15KGS - 3-14months

XL - XXL over 35LBS or 15KGS - 12months-2years