Log Flume Water Joust Game

Log Flume Water Joust Game

Hang on tightly, because you're gonna get dunked with the Log Flume Water Joust Game from The Beach Company!

Engage in a little friendly competition this summer with a Log Flume Pool Joust Game. The pool floats for adults have a Renaissance festival feel thanks to their wooden print.

Jousting games include 2 logs and 2 jousts. Players try to knock one another into the water using the soft inflatable boppers. Whether you get tossed first or stay on your log and best the competition, you're sure to get wet. The fun inflatable joust game is water sports customer favorite. Order yours today and keep the fun going all summer long.


Each inflatable log measures 58 inches x 14 inches x 14 inches. Boppers are about 4 feet long.


Type: lounger

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