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Learn To Swim-Arm Bands

Learn To Swim-Arm Bands
Learn To Swim-Arm Bands
Rs. 220.00

Getting your kids in the pool at an early age is an essential tool to promote confidence. 'Learn To Swim' from The Beach Company is a 3 - step process that will help you do just that. With products designed and categorised as per particular developmental stages, the 'A-B-C' steps will help you select the appropriate ones for your little one.

Stage C is Confident Swimmer

This is when swimmers further develop techniques and strength in the water.
Products are designed to help further skills using water games. Adults should be in close proximity at all times.
The arm bands enable buoyancy to keep the child afloat while he further develops water skills.
Instruction manual included.

Helping children develop water confidence.
These products are constructed of sturdy, pre-tested material, so they are "kid tough."
Use only under adult supervision. Will not protect against drowning.

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