Invisible Clear Zinc Sunscreen

Designer: Elemnt

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Rs. 849.00
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Size: 100gm

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Elemnt Invisible Clear Zinc Sunscreen is for daily use & outdoor activity. It has a very light texture that spreads easily and disappears leaving behind a natural, moisturised, non-shiny look. Loaded with ingredients that help repair skin and minimise damage caused by UV exposure, this sunscreen provides ultimate skin protection and moisturises the skin too!

Elemnt Invisible clear zinc sunscreen’s super formulation safeguards skin against dark spots, suntan, sunburn, and sun spots. It minimises pigmentation and neutralises free radicals, keeping skin youthful and flawless.

Step 1
Open the tube / bottle and squeeze out a small amount in your palm

Step 2
Apply liberally in an even layer on your face & hands

Step 3
Apply 10-15 minutes before sun exposure