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Glide Snorkel Ocean Blue - Sr

Glide Snorkel Ocean Blue - Sr
Glide Snorkel Ocean Blue - Sr
Rs. 2,250.00

 The Glide Snorkel from Finis is designed for recreational swimmers who wish to forget about having to raise their head to breathe when swimming and can "breathe underwater", whilst concentrating on their stroke technique. This swim snorkel uses a head bracket with soft split head strap to fix onto your head and the snorkel sits in front of your face, giving your arms free range of movement.

The difference between the Glide Snorkel and the other Finis swim snorkels is that it doesn't have a purge valve which is needed when swimmers perform flip turns. Therefore, if you do not practice flip turns when swimming, this Finis snorkel is ideal.


  • Centre mount design
  • Adjustable head bracket
  • Hydrodynamic tube - curves around head to reduce drag and encourage correct body position
  • Stays in place for all swim strokes
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