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Garnier Ambre Solaire Ultra-hydrating Sun Cream SPF30 200ml

Garnier Ambre Solaire Ultra-hydrating Sun Cream SPF30 200ml
Rs. 990.00
Garnier Ambre Solaire Ultra-Hydrating Protection Lotion SPF30 has a patented filtration system containing Mexoryl SX to protect against UVA rays that cause premature skin ageing and UVB rays that induce skin damage and is also enriched with Vitamin C to reinforce the skin's natural defences. The formula quenches skin with moisture and helps protect against the drying effects of the Sun. Hydrated and protected, the skin is better defended against the Sun's harmful effects.
To use: Apply the sunscreen product just before exposure. Re-apply frequently and generously to maintain protection.

- Suntan moisturising milk high SPF 30 protect against sunburn and long-term UV-induced skin damage
- Features enhanced UVA and UVB protection
- Light feeling milky and non-sticky texture is easy to apply and quickly absorbed by the skin
- Comes with the benefits of Cactus Nutriflavones and Vitamin E it restores the natural moisture levels of the skin
- Covered with photostable UV sun protection
- Ultra-hydrating formula that helps to protect against the drying effects of the sun for a soft feeling and hydrated skin
- The formula is enriched with sustainably sourced shea butter
- Advanced photostable UVA + UVB protection
- The filtration system features Mexoryl®XL and helps to protect against UVB: immediate sun-induced skin damage and UVA: long-term sun-induced skin damage and premature skin-ageing
- Non-greasy and absorbs quickly with a water resistant protection

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