Aussie Miracle Moist Travel Shampoo 90ml

Designer: The Beach Company

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Quench your hair's thirst with our moisture infusing shampoo, with Australian Macadamia nut oil. After time in the chlorine or sea-heat, just what your hair needs! 90ml TRAVEL SIZE.

Native to the land down under, the Macadamia nut has been used in Australia for centuries for its moisturising properties. But thanks to an intrepid 19th century explorer (who luckily for us didn't get lost in The Outback), the rest of the world was let in on the secret. Cheers dude!



Drench your hair with water. Massage shampoo deeply into scalp and roots. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the delicious smell. Rinse out. For best results use with Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner. (But then we would say that, wouldn't we?)